Behind the scenes making it happen

Earl (Chris) Hargrove III


Hargrove III Events, Inc.


In 2001, Chris Hargrove founded Hargrove III Events, Inc ., a company that designs, produces and manages events throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Hargrove’s precise attention to detail and his ability to understand a wide range of cultures and business environments, enables Hargrove III Events, Inc. to create memorable and effective events anywhere in the world.


For more then 26 years, Chris worked in the family business in operations, production and management which helped him to master the skills required to design and produce special events, tradeshows, and custom exhibits. He receives consistent praise from clients not only for his attention to detail, but for the wisdom with which he anticipates client needs, identifies possible obstacles, and formulates creative solutions to exceed client expectations in the face of any challenge.


Chris has created and produced complex productions for the Coca-Cola Company, the National Republican and Democratic Committees, Seneca Niagara Falls Gaming Corporation, Hughes Network Systems, Time Warner, Warner Music Group, Lockheed Martin, and Kaiser Permanente among others. He has also executed events for many of Maryland’s prominent charities, celebrity, VIP and social events.


What defines Hargrove III Events, Inc. as a leader in the industry is the company’s versatility in terms of event design, management and production. Chris and his team instill in their clients an unshakable confidence in company’s competence from articulating a creative vision to implementing the final details required for achieving the perfect event. For 40 years, Chris has taken great pride in designing, planning, and executing events in order to ensure an effortless experience for his clients.


Developing new and creative concepts is what drives his passion for events. His development of Live Art with unique costuming and body painting as the way to apply artistic expression to events is the most recent addition to the many services that he offers to his clients and the creative world.

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